DJ Seinfeld on Boiler Room

DJ Seinfeld is one of the world’s hottest artists right now, not only within the ‘lo-fi’ scene he briefly, inadvertently helped define, but across the wider spectrum of electronic music. As well as releasing one of 2017’s most-celebrated debut albums, ‘Time Spent Away From U’, he became one of the youngest artists to curate an entry into !K7 Records legendary mix series, DJ-Kicks

Catch DJ Seinfeld exclusively in the open air @ Output Festival 2018

Boiler Room Full video:

Nicola Cruz new tune and Triple J Mix Up

When Nicola Cruz last played in Sydney a few years, he packed out the Portuguese Madeira Club, with fans wanting more and calling for his return ever since.

It is therefore our genuine honour to host this extremely talented Ecuador based artist who explores the mysteries of his land through his unique psychedelic take on electronic dance music.

Cruz’s next LP - ‘Siku’, is expected in late January, but this week he dropped the first preview called ‘Siete’ - another lush example of Cruz’s intricate folktronica.

Catch him performing live on the Multi Culti microdoof stage, hidden in the woods @ Output Festival… and be sure to tune into Triple J Mix Up tomorrow night at 12am to hear a very special mix for the airwaves.


Mall Grabs and Loods for Rinse FM

Well, well, well… if it isn’t ol’ mate Mall Grab and Loods jumping up for Rinse FM.

This is a SERIOUSLY GOOD mix and a taste of what’s to come at Output next month.

Snag a ticket HERE