The Road to Output Festival 2018

5x Exclusive Launch Parties

Motorik Vibe Council
Francis Xavier
Mclean & Mai
Lex Deluxe

Raise the vibration Output style, bending space and time around a series of dancefloor moments in time. In celebration and anticipation of our little island getaway, we're going on the road and cutting everyone a slice of the delicious Output-flavour rave for the many, not the few.

The ultimate bassline-driven roadshow with carefully curated dishes of global dance, party techno and house party jams is here to help you take back control and keep your Output craving under control until November 24 hits.

Tour Dates:
Sept 21 - Erina, Proud Mary's
Sept 28 - Wollongong, Institute of Dance @ Heyday
Sept 29 - Sydney, Ricardo’s @ World Bar
Oct 6 - Newcastle, Newcastle Hotel
Oct 19 - Canberra, Mr Wolf